Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Needing to Breathe is Now A Best-Seller!



Orphaned and scared, these cubs need an Alpha…and so do their caregivers.

Cast out of their wolf pack, Jock and Gus are skinny and wild but surviving okay out in the Colorado mountains. Winter is on its way, and Gus isn’t sure what they can do to stay warm and fed. To add to their problems, they’ve adopted a litter of abandoned wolf cubs, and suddenly there’s not enough food to go around.

Archer, a forest ranger and Alpha wolf, finds Jock and Gus in time to save them from Jack Frost, and from themselves. The moment he meets the two young males, he wants them, and he sets out to convince them to stay. Jock understands that Archer is what they need, but Gus intends to fight Archer every step of the way. He has to—it’s in his genes. 

Can Archer keep this new family safe, from the elements and each other?

Because y’all know, sometimes two doesn’t cut it. ;-)

Monday, August 31, 2015

Coffee and Texas

So, I get asked about coffee a lot.

Why is there so much coffee in your books?

Are you obsessed with coffee?

What’s the deal with the coffee? 

The whole coffee? I don’t like it.

Well, so far as I can tell, in all the time I’ve been Texan (longer than I like to admit), coffee is to Texans as tea is to the English. 

Do all Brits drink tea? Probably not. I don’t know all of y’all yet. Do all Texans drink coffee? Probably not, but I’ve met precious few that don’t. We offer it for comfort, for conversation, for the hell of it. We don’t even expect you to say yes, necessarily. But coffee’s a thing, and it’s not just for breakfast.

At my daddy’s house, the coffeepot comes on at 5 a.m. and it turns off at midnight. All my friends growing up did the same. At my house, there’s coffee. Constantly. It’s a thing. Your options for drinks at my house are coffee, tea or water. Same at my mom’s. At Daddy’s. At my Aunt D’s. 

Now, I buy good coffee; Daddy buys the stuff that is vacuum sealed in the giant economy sized can (OMG, the bitter), but that’s the difference.

I’d tell you I’d stop having characters ask if another character wants coffee, but it would be a lie.

That’s what we do.

Much love, y’all.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

What I'm Working on this Week

Writing, writing, la la la
I Don't Dance -- m/m contemporary, doctor, EMT, explosions, drama. 
Coke’s Clown — adding 30K give or take.
In edits/rewrites:
Rainbow Brew in rewrites
Refired in edits
Midnight Rodeo in edits
Picking Roses in edits
Ace & Kitty in edits
Odd Wolf Out in edits
At beta:
At proofing:
Boys in the Band
And a Smile
Trial by Fire to DSP
Next week's plan?
Same thing we do every week, Pinky..

Friday, August 28, 2015

A Kristi Story

So, it’s my sister Kristi’s birthday tomorrow.

Things I know about my sister:

1. She’s a giant dork. 

2. She hates that she’s a giant dork.

3. She is very good at dealing with wildly emotional writer big sisters, although it took a few months for her to understand that it is not crazy to sob over the sad parts. IT’S NOT.

4. She is a kick-ass grill master.

5. Her boyfriend when she was little was Darth Vader. Her second boyfriend was the Hulk. She’s a stud.

6. Her favorite color is black. I never buy her black clothes. I am DETERMINED to bring her to the rainbow side.

7. She was obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake when she was little.

8. She loves all things Wonder Woman. When she was little, she would run around the house in her Wonder Woman Underoos, throw her hands on her hips and sing, “WONDER WOMAN! WONDER WOMAN!"

9. She taught me all about being gangster. (gangsta?)

10. She is the anti-craft. Seriously, the child can’t even sew a button. When Mother asked Kristi's youngest child what she was going to do about sewing on buttons when Granny died, her answer was, “Call Auntie Pooh."

11. When she was little, I told everyone she was MY baby. She still is.

Love you, KK. Happy birthday eve.

You giant dork.