Sunday, December 9, 2012

Frosty Fiction, Day 9: Garret and Kelly

The pictures came in on his emails -- desert and sand, explosions, scarred earth. Soldiers in battle gear. Soldiers in the hospital. Kids with scared eyes and gaunt faces. It had started with long letters about how things were, about how much Kelly missed him, missed Nashville.

Then the long letters shortened to, “miss you, man.”

Sometimes it was just a date, a location.

Sometimes not even that.

Garrett wasn’t sure how Kelly bore it, day after day.

Christmas eve came, and he was sitting in his momma’s kitchen, bored out of his mind while everyone wandered and cooked and shit.

An email popped up on his phone, a picture of a tiny tree, a handful of lights. A note. “Need you like breathing.”

He sighed. This was utter bullshit.

He just emailed back. “Then come home to me.”


Garrett and Kelly are from the Roughstock novella, Shutter Speed. They want another book where they get their permanent happy ending. 


You know the drill. Comment away. I'll announce winners Friday.

Much love, y'all.



Unknown said...

Please let hkm come home safe so this story gets told...wonderful concept.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes please! Kelly and Garrett need a nice long book with a nice happy-ever-after.

Jaymi said...

I have this, but haven't read it yet. *moves up the TBR*

kaytee said...

I'm with butthon and Stacy - have Kelly come home and let them have their happy ending.

Katherine Halle said...

Kelly needs to come home, the longing in this was palpable.