Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Julia and I have 2 -- Sonny and Sadie. (Sonny is mine, Miss Sadie is Julia's). There have been other dogs, will be other dogs, but the bassets are the lights of our life. Every morning there is a long walk, regardless of health, attitude, or weather. During this walk there are discussions about many things -- dreams, cowboys, books, poop, the house being renovated down the street, whether there's a good reason to cancel training, the day's plans, heat, humidity, and whether or not we should have eaten before we left.

It's how every day starts and it's totally utterly necessary. Not only does it assure that I get up and actually get dressed (don't laugh, Julia and I can spent days in nothing more strenuous than sports bras and yoga pants and comfy flip flops), it makes sure the treats and scritches are given out, that the neighbors are greeted and the latest gossip is shared. It makes sure people see us, know us and get used to the two pink haired ladies with their hound dogs.


Do y'all have dogs? Love them? I'm always fascinated to hear your dog stories!

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