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Hey, y'all! This is where I'll post all my Coming Soon from all my great publishers and jabber about where you can pre-order things!

Updates 09/23/2015

Hey, y'all! I have an embarrassment of riches to share!

Coming in October from Torquere Press LLC.


Coming from All Romance Ebooks in October!

With Julia Talbot

What happens when a werewolf computer programmer that left the pack finds out his mate is getting married? Yeah, he pays a visit... Available in October from Torquere Press.
Top of the Leaderboard Book 1- Ace and Kitty
Coming soon from Totally Bound.
These four cowboys were always at the top of the leaderboard when it came to bullriding. Now these best friends are learning what it's like to lead the pack in love, too, finding the women of their dreams. The first novel features Ace Porter, the king of the cowboys, and Kitty, the high-powered journalist that he simply can't let slip away.
Coming in November from All Romance Ebooks
With Julia Talbot
Buttoned up Santa Fe architect Harris is having a crappy day until he ducks into the Rainbow Brew coffee shop to get out of the rain. There he meets quirky artist Jayden and embarks on a four day binge of sensual adventures, leaving the real world behind
Jayden knows he can't live in the world Harris inhabits, but for this wonderful man, he'll try even if it ruins him. For them to be together, Harris has to learn to believe in magic, and in Jayden's love, before it's too late.

Right now I'm doing my happy dance because Blind Ride will be available for Pre-Order from Totally Bound on June 19! I'll get y'all a link as soon as I can!

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