Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So, you know when you do something stupid?

Totally stupid?

Yeah? Me too.

I got up really early, went to my desk, tripped and immediately spilled a huge, brand new glass of water on my computer.

Total loss.

I just... Oh, y'all. I sobbed for about an hour. Then I went outside and weeded for an hour. Then I went to the Apple fix-it man who opened it up and went... "Oh... Oh, no."



Lemonades from lemon part -- I run hysterical backups. I lost no data.

Still, Julia and I had to drive all over Austin to find a new machine. I'm currently trying to get it set up. I feel like an idiot, because I *never* do stuff like that.

And I did stuff like that.

And I hate that I did it. :P


Ladycelt said...

Ugh - so sorry!! I absolutely HATE days like that. Sometimes it feels like one domino starts the whole stack... Hope all is well now!

Jenny Trout said...

I did that to my macbook pro. Still coming up with the money to have it fixed. :(

Katherine Halle said...

OH damn :(((( Good thing you backup so much. But UGH having to buy a new computer /o\