Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dieting, Writing, and Dogs

Man, I started a new diet Sunday -- I can't complain, I've lost 5 lbs., but man, I'm having challenges with it. You don't think about all the carbs you eat when you're not counting all the carbs you eat, you know? ;-)

Started a new novel last week, which is good and bad, I guess. Good because it's writing itself, is hot and angsty and I'm having a ball. Bad because I have about 12420394723059128374 projects that Markus and Sebastian rolled over like Sherman tanks. 

Still, so not complaining. :D

My dogs are currently playing birdie bowling. This game involves sitting on the back porch until about ten thousand doves settle at the bird bath/feeders. Then there is a frenzy of running and barking and flapping loose skin (being a basset hound mom is CLASSY, I tell you). I can see them play the game all morning from my desk. It's pretty damned funny.


Okay, I just interrupted a hot sex scene. Better let them fuss a little. ;-)



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