Saturday, November 17, 2012

What I Worked on This Week

My bestie flies in Monday, so I pushed hard this week.
Active writing:
Tag Team: Fais Do Do -- m/m novel. Ah, the falling in love phase. Still going strong.
The Terms of Release -- m/m novel. Have already cried twice on this one...
Hammer and Tongs -- m/m Western. With kink
m/m/f novel (co-write with Julia) -- fun, sexy menage with were cats :D
Don't Mess with Hexes -- m/m/f novella -- book two of the Cowbell, Book and Candle series. This is going way faster the second time. :D
In edits/rewrites:
The Four Horsemen: Ace and Kitty -- needs rewrites like whoa. O.o
Next up:
Thanksgiving and company all week. I don't expect to work much. 
Much love, y'all.

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Katherine Halle said...

That's a lot of work. And YAY for the bestie flying in :D Have fun!!!