Monday, August 18, 2014


I can’t...

I don’t even know how to bounce and squee about AAD enough.

This is my favorite con all year because there are so many old friends and new friends and good friends. I can’t list them, because sure as shit I’ll forget things and people. 

The best part? Winning a Bookie (BEST HERO, Y’ALL! Go Alpha Call!) and hearing "TACOS" from the audience. 

Don’t worry, I’m going to do a podcast to explain in detail, so everyone can share in the insanity, but for now?


IMG 2698

Here are the bags we stuffed for the Midnight Rodeo Welcoming Party. 400 bags. 

IMG 2699

BOOKS! Kiernan and Julia and me and werewolves and vampires and rodeo and demons and...

IMG 2700

My beloved good twin, Kiernan Kelly. :D Yeah, I’m totally the evil one.

IMG 2701

Yes. We had a MECHANICAL FUCKING BULL at our party!

IMG 2702

This con’s slippers. FYI, I don’t do uncomfortable. If you see the big redneck in crazy slippers at a con, it’s probably me.

IMG 2704


IMG 2706

Me and my shirt and Julia’s foot. I do have pants on, I promise.

IMG 2709


IMG 2714

At the book signing. My shirt says "Julia Talbot Fan Club President". I was that before I fell in love with her.

IMG 2716

I have no idea WTF we were doing...

IMG 2719

Andrew Grey and me sponsoring the Pride table. Ann Mayburn said next time I need a little mini Uhaul to pull around behind me...

IMG 2717

Our sin was PRIDE!

IMG 2718

My gorgeous wife!

IMG 2737

My lovely wife and the winner of my costume contest!

IMG 2740

Ah, the elixir of life...

IMG 2742


Much love, y’all.


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onedegreebelow0 said...

The mechanical bull was EPIC!! The centrepieces were WOW!! AND... I have a dangerous sweet tooth.. Those cookies were Delish!