Friday, June 5, 2009

Chicken salad, backyards, and titles

Julia and I made chicken salad for lunch - it's one of those foods that I look at and go... do I even like that? But I love eating it - almonds and grapes and craisins and celery...


This is our reward for working out in the backyard. We're trying to clean up back there. What a *mess*. We've spent 3-4 times out there and there's a light at the end of the... fallen leaves?

I'm having the worst time coming up with a title for my newest het romance. It's a dear, sweet romance about old friends who fall in love. The heroine, Lacey, is a tough cowgirl whose best friend, Nate, is a bronc rider. Nate's been gone a long time, but, when his momma's house catches on fire, and...


Oh, I have a title.


*kisses happily and runs to write it down*

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