Friday, June 25, 2010

Working for July! *grins*

July is my easy work month. I schedule every year to play more than work in July. I visit family, play with my dogs, goof off, travel. Every summer Julia Talbot and I head to the mountains for a week of recovery and to recharge the creative batteries. It's a great way to get new ideas, get tanned, and have great stories to tell for the rest of the year. (For instance, I can tell a story about a rodeo clown in a hotel in Wyoming, whistling In the Mood while wearing a pair of boxer-briefs...)


This year we're going to celebrate one of our niece's first birthday, we're going to see a brother get married, and we're visiting a granny that we won't have much longer. We're going on a quick little cruise out of Galveston to hang out with our favorite song writer, and we're taking my daddy (the cowboy of joy) to Colorado and then to Frontier Days.

Come *on*, July!!!

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