Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Contest for a signed copy of Walking on the Sun

Tell me your favorite MJ/Sonny moment. Tomorrow, I'll tell you mine after I randomly choose one winner to win a signed copy of the final book in the series, Walking on the Sun!


Unknown said...

We have to pick one? :P

Well, beyond the obvious like their first meeting, Jamaica, any time they saved each other's lives, and that last time when MJ figured he wouldn't survive the next day... I always liked the bit in Steam and Sunshine where they have sex in the car and offend Neil and Paddy, because it is hilarious, and because I enjoy any of the scenes in that book which give you a sense of how absolutely batshit crazy/scary they seem to a relatively normal person, which isn't as obvious in Racing the Moon due to lack of other characters with more than a couple lines. (Not a bad thing, it works fine for the one book.)

Anonymous said...

Weirdly, one of my favourite parts is the first time they go into hiding. It was so tender and domestic (for them) that the feel of the situation (Fleeing, hiding, planning, simmering anger, protection of each other) has stuck with me for years. A really great bit of writing.

kaytee said...

The whole driving to Maine in the sip "Open Road". That whole story sums up their entire relationship.