Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Desert Lobo


Last year I wrote Wolf Bayou, and I have to admit -- I loved writing it. I mean, I'm a huge dog lover. Huge. Julia Talbot and I have 3 and we're on the waiting list for pup #4 (Sonny's Mom and Dad are having one last litter -- go Zoe and Fred). So writing shapeshifters is a good fit for me. Writing m/m/f shifters?

Uhn. ;-)

Too fun.

So I was thinking, why not write more, and make a series of m/m/f shifters that are all south/southwest and all linked together with the chiles?

That's how Desert Lobo was born.

There's something special about the desert, something that people either love or hate, and I'm a lover. I adore the landscape, the weird artists, the shapes of the cactus.

Jesus and Mariposa are nomadic artists, roaming pack-less through the desert, painting, selling their work and just trying to survive together. Jonah is in environmental work -- tracking and tagging wolves for the government. And for his own reasons.

When the three of them hook up, there are fireworks, because Mari's been the sole Alpha for a long, long time and Jonah? Well, Jonah's ready to make them his.

I hope you give it a try. :D

Available here.

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