Monday, December 13, 2010

It's December the what-th?

Lord, where did the month go?

I can remember being a kid and waiting for school to end, for Santa to come and it took forever. FOREVER, damn it.

Now? Right.

Now I still have a load of presents sitting on the table to be wrapped and mailed to family all over the country. (I do get bonus points for having all the internationals sent last week.) I have to buy bottles of wine for all the people that I know that I want to give something to, but that we don’t exchange gifts really. I have to go buy gift cards for my younger siblings who are still in that ‘please just send money’ phase of life (there is 24 years between the oldest and the youngest child in my family, so we’re all in different places). I haven’t made cookies (and probably won’t at this point). I haven’t finished either the scarf that goes to my high school best friend or the quilt that goes to the brother-in-law (waves to Julia’s brother).

We do have a tree up. And the yard’s decorated. Christmas cards were made (not sent yet – shut up). Julia and I had our annual ornament making party and I made both a fabulous Kahlua dark chocolate pound cake and a cheesecake of joy.

Still, it’s the 13th and I’m still busy.

And I haven’t watched White Christmas yet.

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ElaineG said...

Hi BA!
I am in that same surreal boat! It's the damned 14th, and my kid is bemoaning the fact that it's ONLY the 14th! Still have cards to mail, still have gifts to buy, still have cookies to bake, and all I can think is "it's HOW LATE in the month?" EEK! Good luck getting everything you need to get done done :)...I could be baking right now, but I'd rather surf the net and read lol!