Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!


I know it’s not cool to make resolutions anymore, but I still do it. Most of mine this year are pretty specific. I’m trying to eat a fruit and/or veggie with every meal/snack. I’m going to shoot for reading 100 books for pleasure in 2011 (in 2010, I made it to 88). I’m putting back $20 a week to put into a savings account for my big 45th birthday trip to the Galapagos and Macchu Picchu.

I’m also going to try not to get hurt again in 2011. In 2010, I dislocated a shoulder, tore a quad, and pulled an Achilles. No. Fun.

On the writing front, I’m going to set a goal of finishing one novel per month. We’ll see in December how I do. I have friends that can accomplish that, but I’m not quite there. With the Turn of the Screw serial fiction going away, though, that’ll free up one day a week for novel writing, so we’ll see how I do.

A girl’s got to have a goal, right?


Wish me luck.

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