Monday, June 20, 2011

clear cut

About Just Another Day at the Office

by BA Tortuga
20 pages / 4000 words
Ebook zipped file contains - html, lit, Adobe and Sony optimized pdf, prc, epub

What do Coke and Dillon do when they’re on break from the bullriding circuit? They go to the rodeo. Neither one of them is very good at letting go of their jobs, though. What happens when their night off turns out to be another day at the office?



Coke leaned back, chuckling as another text came in from Nattie.

He still bitchin?

He looked over at his clown, who was watching the entertainer at this little event in Waco with alternating expressions of horror and fury.

Coke texted back, uhhuh.

Then he snapped a quick picture of the local clown in the fat suit and the purple sparkly wig, followed immediately by a shot of Dillon’s face, and sent them both to his best friend and the best bullfighter he knew.

This was fun.

Dillon turned to glare at him a moment. “He’s using a live armadillo. This is so not funny.”

“No, sir.” It was hilarious. Not the dude on the arena floor, but Dillon. Damn.

Nattie’s name popped up, along with LOLOLOL.

Dillon took the phone from him and tapped something rapidly, hitting send before handing it back to him. He had a feeling it was probably bad. It was. Dillon had typed, Just ur type, Jerome.

He snorted, waited, and sure enough, his phone buzzed. Tell clownboy to kiss my butt. Whos working.

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