Monday, June 27, 2011

New Project, New Newsletter :D

So, Julia writes this series featuring a BDSM club called the Blood Rose wherein vampires and werebeasts and critters that go bump in the night have wildness and spanking and other happy-making joys. I'm a fan. She knows this. (She ought to, I live with her and nag about getting more -- right now I'm all over the boys in Lean on Me -- go. Go read it. I'll wait. It's okay. They're blistering hot.)

She decided that the boys needed more room to roam and so she invented a spa-type getaway in the mountains, somewhere biting and kink could happen for longer than one night. Somewhere maybe more than one author could play.

I have to admit that Sean Michael signed on before I did, for lo, Sean's way more versed in the kinkverse than me, but when Julia turned those baby blues on me, I had to give in.

The first book in the series is releasing in September -- my part of the story is about Dorian, a demonic mixologist who is charged with keeping the wild children in the kitchen under control. Keir and Kris are, unfortunately for Dorian, as in touch with their wolves as they are with their palates. Not only that, when they're not cooking or humping, they're gnawing each others' ears off. Dorian is going to find out that training two strong-willed pups is a full time job on its own, and possibly harder than creating the perfect Type-A Martini.

Also, just a reminder -- my new newsletter is out tonight. There is a giveaway, fun stuff, old books, new books. If you'd like to sign up, the direct link is here, or you can come visit the front page of my site, here.



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