Friday, August 19, 2011

Authors After Dark Con Report

Oh, y'all. I had a blast.

Julia Talbot and I got into the heart of Philly on Thursday. Straight away we ran into ZA Maxfield and got hugs, then we got to sit next to Jean Murray and hear all about her Egyptian thriller, Soul Reborn. (Julia got a little squeaky).

Joy from Joyfully Reviewed was in the Tease Tea Tasting when we got our badges, and it was fun to sit and visit, jabber a little and touch base, before heading up to the ARe Cafe to visit with Bronwyn Green, Elise Hepner, and Stella Price for a bit.

Then we set the Torquere Press table up with goodies -- I brought the winning goodie for us -- bandage holders with my logo!

Julia and I walked to find supper, which was a good deal because we had to come back for Karaoke with Jennifer Armintrout and friends. OMG -- what a blast! We sat with Carol Lynne and conned all the wonderful ladies (Bronwyn, Mia, Brynn, and others) to sing Kung Fu Fighting for us. Oh, y'all, what a blast.

I admit that we went back to the hotel room and crashed like lead balloons and didn't wake up until 11am Friday!!! So we added fun goodies to the Torquere table and then went sight seeing -- gluten free breakfast, the liberty bell, and a carriage ride around the city. Fun stuff!

Friday afternoon we hung out around publishers' row, visiting with Arielle from Dreamspinner and the gals from Ravenous Romance before heading to the Mythos Masquerade. Lorna and I went as the Lone Ranger -- after all, that's our mythos, right? Got interviewed for a documentary and had a long, fun discussion with our tablemate.

Saturday morning I remembered to set my alarm because I couldn't miss the Resplendence breakfast and getting my chance to talk to Jess. It was an amazing spread and, I swear y'all, you've never seen books disappear so quickly. :D

Saturday afternoon was totally taken up with the book signing, where I got to meet Ethan Day, hang with Carol some more and then, the most fun part of my job -- meeting fans! *Grins* Not only that, but I got to sit next to Julia, so we could enjoy each other and pimp each other's books.

After the book signing, Julia and I had to pack and run like fiends because the Torquere chocolate party started *right* after. We were so scared no one would come, but the party was an absolute hit. Tons of people came, two people won $100 gift certificates, books were given away and chocolate was devoured en masse. :D

The Steampunk Ball was the last event we attended. Julia made me a wild west costume and she was my saloon girl. We had a blast, danced a little, visited a little, but we couldn't spend near as much time as I wanted because our flight left for home at 5am. (and I tell you, the Philadelphia airport is insane in the wee hours!

So, we had a ball and met *so* many neat people. I've been adding them on my Twitter account all week as I slowly unpack and dig through the con bag. Free books. Eee!

Next time, I hope all y'all can come too!

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Unknown said...

What a great convention and thanks for sharing your adventure with us! I was pretty much with you until you got to the Philly airport and then I began to let my imagination run a bit wild. Thanks for a great blog!