Monday, September 19, 2011

Co-writing, what the hell does Cereus mean, and what's next?

Hey, y'all!

So, all y'all have heard me go on and on about Cereus: The Building for days (weeks, months...)

It's so neat, now that it's out and I can yammer about it. I had a ball writing Marco, Stephan, and Faelan. I loved the dynamic, I loved the kitty-tude.

Hell, basically, I just let loose and had fun. *grins*

The neatest part of this experience was the co-writing parts -- the parts where Julia, Sean and I got to work together, got to say, "Dude, my boy would *not* say that!", and just got to create an entire world that was all ours.

Y'all know that I love Julia's Bloodrose universe, so this is a huge honor to be asked to play inside it, to help develop a piece of it. (Hell, I get the whole kitchen staff. *boogies*)

For those that have asked, a cereus is a night-blooming cactus. It's kind of amazing -- you can see it in the cover -- and Julia is the one that decided that was the name of the resort.

We are all currently working on Cereus: Opening. I'm writing Donovan and Mik -- the werewolf and vampire heads of security. It's one of my favorite things to write, former lovers who are estranged. *Too* fun.

I expect much fighting, much biting, and a hell of a lot of snarling.

You can find Cereus: The Building at

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ElaineG said...

It was a wonderful book BA! Enjoyed the heck out of it and can't wait for the next one! Great job on all three stories, kudos to you, Julia and Sean.