Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dogs and Hot Cocoa

Lord, y'all.

I had good intentions to blog Monday, but my puppies had a big fight and I ended up in the animal hospital all afternoon. Twenty bites, 5 antibiotics, 3 pain killers, two sets of destroyed clothes, and $400 later, we were all home. O.o

Now there's two grumpy sore pups, and lots of washing/E-collaring/medicating going on.

So, at any rate, those of y'all who know me know I have weird food allergies. Lots of them. So, eating normal fun holiday food is a challenge. Julia and I have worked on a white hot chocolate recipe we can drink. It's not healthy, but it's tasty and I enjoy it.

White Hot Chocolate

1 bar organic, gluten free white chocolate
3 c. vanilla almond milk
2 T. instant espresso powder
1 t. vanilla

You take the chocolate, the espresso and whir it in the blender while heating the milk and vanilla on the stove. Once your milk is hot, pour it into your blender and give it a whir. :D

Ta da. It makes 3 nice big mugs and it's lovely for a holiday treat. :D

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