Monday, February 20, 2012

Life, She is a'Changin'

So, Julia and I said goodbye to our redhead today, as he moves into a new section of his life in China. We'll miss him and we can't wait to hear about all his adventures.

Unfortunately, as we headed away from the airport, another Austin driver was not focused and rear ended us, going about 45 mph. We're okay -- super sore, Julia is bruised up from her fight with the air bag, and tomorrow's going to suck. The car? Not so much with the okayness. I will miss the Nitro. It was the first car Julia and I bought together (her name is Betty), and I love it. I've driven it to Canada, to New Jersey, to Maine, to New Orleans, Kentucky, Arkansas and to the ranch a hundred times.


The best part is that *everyone* walked away (and given that the little gal that fell asleep behind the wheel hit us and a semi, that's an incredible blessing).

Cars are replacable, Julias are not.


Michelle Bledsoe said...

So glad ya'll are okay. Take care.

Donna said...

Oh crap! I'm so glad you both are okay!

Be sure to check one another out carefully today, just to be sure.


Unknown said...

So true! You can't replace Julia's or BA's and either would be devastated without the other. Love you guys

Katherine Halle said...

Wow so glad all of you are okay! Sorry about the car, but yes Julias are not replaceable and neither are you!

Sending you lots of love and healing thoughts!

ElaineG said...

So glad you are all ok.....accidents suck, but you hit the nail on the head, cause Julia's and BA's are NOT replaceable.