Monday, April 30, 2012

Took my daddy to the beach for the weekend

Oh, y'all, it was hilarious.

We went shopping. We went to the ocean. We flew kites with his granddaughters (my nieces). We grilled and bought shrimp right from the ocean.

Daddy had a good time, I think, and Julia and I spent a lot of time going "what if there was this guy," especially on the drives there and home.

The best part was the dolphin watching boat. Oh, man. *So* much fun for $10. There were tons and tons of dolphins, including a momma dolphin (which Julia informs me is a cow, but I like momma dolphin better) and her baby. OMG the CUTENESS. It was fascinating and they got close enough to really see and one? Jumped all the way out of the water and slapped the water with her/his tail.

We saw pelicans and we ate crab and shrimp, we drank cherry limeades and root beer floats. Daddy grilled the best hamburgers ever and Julia made her famous french onion dip and life was fun.

Also, I'm fairly sure Julia is 2 games up on the eternal family cribbage tournament score...


Y'all have a happy Monday! *kisses*


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Katherine Halle said...

Sounds like you all had a blast! I'd love to go dolphin watching sometime - we'll see.

I like momma dolphin better as well :D

But srsly, the food, the sun, the time with family, all of it sounds amazing. Glad you had such a great time!