Monday, July 30, 2012

What If...

This is my favorite game of all time.

What if there was this guy that collected celery dishes? What if there was a puppy and you adopted him and he was a were puppy? What if my toenail feel off and underneath there was an eyeball?

Julia and I play this game, oh, 20 hours a day. 

We can do it for hours and hours. We do it while watching TV (Cajun Pawn Stars and Top Chef and Project Runway and American Restoration and Grimm and Criminal Minds...). We do it while knitting (I'm currently working on a cowl). We do it while walking dogs in the middle of the night and doing dishes while the coffee maker warms up. 

We do it while deciding which dollhouse kit is going to be the haunted dollhouse of joy or trying to figure out whether we want to settle in New Mexico or Spain or Colorado. 

During rides at Disneyland or concerts or rodeos.

Or in the car. We do this a *lot* in the car...

Saturday we put this up in the office, on the wall where I can see it everyday. 

IMG 0416

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Katherine Halle said...

Oh what a fantastic game! I think I'm gonna introduce my kid to this game :D