Friday, August 17, 2012



So, let's see, what madness have I been up to? 

Monday I unpacked. Tuesday I did laundry. Wednesday I wrote. Thursday I took Julia to the doctor and knitted. Today has been writing, 100%. Tomorrow? Grocery store and Sunday I'll be working on files.

Tuesday I got some very exciting news, which I'll share as soon as I can. 

I'm writing on Fighting Addiction (still eating my brain, still sad, still love them even if they make me cry), co-writing a werewolf m/m for an Amber Allure call (Sean Michael dared Julia and me to go for it). I turned in a YA novelette written by my alter-ego, Dallas Coleman and I'm in rewrites on the first of the Four Horsemen novels. 

Reading wise? I started Sophie Oak's Bliss, Colorado series because I heard her read from two of them at AAD. Same with Lauren Gallagher's "Who's Your Daddy". I'm about half done with it (I had to choose reading or knitting last night, and that cowl won out, y'all. I'm *so* close to being done). Loved the Bliss, CO series, already bought #2. "Who's Your Daddy", though? Is one hell of a read. :D

There's going to be a new newsletter out next week with a new contest. The link for joining up is on my website, or here on the blog. :D

Okay, more writing. I want to give my musicians a happy ending, damn it.

*love and kisses*


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Katherine Halle said...

First, I can't wait to hear your exciting news :D

And LOL at SM daring you two to write a werewolf m/m - I can't wait for that either LOL.

Good luck on your YA and your rewrites :D

Good luck with your writing and enjoy your writing and your knitting.