Saturday, December 22, 2012

Frosty Fiction, Day 22: Sara and Cal

“Cal, he’s heading for the tree again.” Sara reached for Jonah’s heel from her place on the floor, where she was wrapping presents to mail to Mom and Poppy.

“I got him, darlin’.” Her cowboy leaned down, scooped the baby up and nuzzled his neck. “You gonna run track, boy?”

“Crawl track, maybe.” She winked over, put a bow on the package that held a signed copy of her last book. “He’s never going to walk.”

She wasn’t complaining. She had enough to keep up with without her boy being a sprinter.

Cal chuckled. “Maybe he’ll be a roper. Team ropers never walk anywhere.”

“Like my son is going to be a rodeo cowboy.”

“Hey, now. There’s way more money in it than there used to be.” Cal’s blue eyes twinkled at her.

“Uh-huh. No.” God, he was beautiful. “He’s asleep again.”

“Well, there you go.” Cal bounced the baby a little “You need any help there. darlin’?”

“Always. You want me to put him down or do you have it?”

“I got it.” Cal had gotten past his fear that he would break the baby remarkably fast.

“Love you, Cowboy,” she called after him, watching that Wrangler butt go.

“Hold that thought, darlin’,” she heard, low and soft. “I got something you can unwrap.”

“Promises, promises.”

Merry Christmas to her.


Sara and Cal live at Sara's Cowboy and their sequel is featured every month in my blog. :D

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Katherine Halle said...

Merry Christmas indeed :D

Donna said...

Oh, I'll help. I love to unwrap, especially gifts like that!


pc said...

Love this...sweet and sexy!
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Anonymous said...

Ooh fun present unwrapping! *claps*