Sunday, December 30, 2012

Frosty Fiction, Day 30:

Jesus stretched, his paws kicking the air. Oh, he loved a lazy morning. He didn’t even know what morning it was. Jonah was the only one who kept track of days of the week and month.

Mariposa was fat and swollen with pups, her nose covered by her tail as she curled in her den. She opened one eye to glare at him when he woofed softly, but he just gave her a lupine grin. Their lady was never so beautiful as when she was pregnant. And Jonah was never so happy.

Jonah was singing in the little kitchen of their cabin, stirring something that smelled heavenly and Jesus licked Mariposa’s muzzle before padding over to see his Alpha.

“Hello, love.” Jonah scratched his ears, making his eyes cross.

He lapped Jonah’s wrist, tail moving fast and hard. Happy winter, mate. Puppies and food and petting.

Jonah chuckled. “I’m making barbecue sauce, love. I know how you adore grilled meat.”

He chuffed and wagged, leaning hard, the scent of Jonah like a drug.

“I could use some human company today.”

Oh. Oh, sweet Alpha. Jesus pondered that, very hard. Legs. Man. Come on. Jonah needed love.

There. His legs lengthened, his front ones becoming arms.

“Mmmmmate.” He growled happily, standing to push into Jonah’s arms.

“Hello, baby.” Jonah kissed him, tongue flicking his lips. “Shall we make Mari some yummy food?”

“I like food. And Mari.” He sniffed the air. “There’s going to be snow.”

“Is there?” Jonah laughed. “Glad you came north with me, baby?”

“Always.” He was made to follow his mates. They took care of him and he made art for them.

“Good.” He got another kiss, then Jonah squeezed his ass. “Get Mari another blanket, and I’ll give you a reward.

“I will.” He rubbed their cheeks together. “The pups will be here soon, I think.”

“Then we’ll have to be ready. I love you, Jesus.”

“Love.” He took a kiss, smiling as the snow began to fall. Lovely.

Home. Snow. Puppies.



Mariposa, Jesus and Jonah live in Desert Lobo. One day left, y'all -- can you believe it? :D 

Much love, 



Katherine Halle said...

This was a lovely scene.

Donna said...

Only one more day of wonderful story invitations to look forward to? And you're happy about this?

I guess I can see how you would be, but I am sure going to miss this treat that I have enjoyed every day.


Anonymous said...

I really love it when shifters have to concentrate to go human again. I can totally see the appeal of staying a wolf (or whatever were- they happen to be). :D