Monday, December 31, 2012

Frosty Fiction, Day 31: Knox and Issac

“Another year.” Issac sighed. Again. For the eighty thousandth time in the last hour.

Knox was going to beat him bloody. The man was always so fucking melancholy on New Years. Hell,, Knox had never actually used the word melancholy in a sentence before Isaac.

“Yep. We should get a dog.” He’d given the last one away damned near thirty years ago.

“A dog? Are you hungry?”

“Nope. I just figure I’ll need company when you off yourself in your ennui.” Bing. Another word he hadn’t even known how to pronounce.

“Oooh. Very nice. In another fifty years you’ll be able to do crosswords in pen.”

“I know, right?” He wandered toward Isaac, the old floorboards creaking under his feet as he skirted a pile of books. “In a hundred I’ll be able to burn the words into paper with just my mind.”

“Everyone will be able to. Hell, in a hundred years, words may be obsolete.”

“Nah. You’re too fond of them.” He moved closer, trying for nonchalant.

“I am. Nearly as fond as I am of you, Pup.”

“Not. A. Pup. Old man.” He reached down and hauled Isaac up, smooshing the man against his chest.

“Mmm. My Pup. Eternally.” Those teeth flashed in a quick, happy smile.

“Oh, good. Another year you’re looking forward to, then.” He bared his teeth, leaning toward that long, pale throat.

“What’s another year, Pup? Another century. Another lifetime.” Issac arched for him, the offer clear.

Knox moaned, letting his fangs sink into Isaac’s skin. He’d known all that sighing was just to get his attention.

Thank God, Father Time and the Baby New Year that it worked.



Knox and Issac's story is in Timeless Hunger and I'll pick winners Jan. 2. 

Thanks, y'all, for all your love and support.  I appreciate y'all more than you can ever imagine.

*hugs tight*



Jaymi said...

I have completely enjoyed these daily shorts of yours and getting a sample of some books I haven't read yet.

Katherine Halle said...

Happy New Year :D

ElaineG said...

avofptThanks again BA for the shorts this month, I have enjoyed them all.....and to end with Knox and Isaac was great! I always loved their banter...Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! What a great month :D A very Happy New Year to you, m'dear!

Donna said...

I know it has taken time and effort to do this for us this month. I have looked forward to and appreciated every entry.