Friday, January 11, 2013

Randomness: What I Read this Week, PBR Season has Started and I Love my Naturopath


Man, I swear, y'all. It's been a week. My birthday was Wednesday and was perfect, but Saturday last I got into a huge dose of wheat and ended up viciously ill from Saturday night til about 8am Wednesday morning and I'm a little touchy, now. Thank all that is good in the universe for my naturopath. I called her in tears Monday, she had be a remedy ASAP, saw me today, hugged me and assured me that I was going to be okay. She also said to pay attention to the broken foot, that they take months and months to heal and that my body needs care and attention and love. 

I think that's probably a smart thing -- care and attention and love, no matter what. 

I was tickled as hell that bull riding is back. I do love my bullfighters and the riders and Julia and I spend hours watching and cheering and laughing. It's my favorite sport, 100%.

I have been reading this week. Finished the first Lone Star book (which I remembered fondly from the 80s) and a book about historical research. Now I'm reading a historical guide to weapons and clothing in the Old West and I'm damn near finished with "My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon", which I've adored. Of the whole anthology (and I'm on the last story), there was only one that made me go, 'eh'.

Next week I'm traveling Wednesday-Sunday, but I'll have my iPad with me. I'm going to try and finish Boy's Life and Odd Thomas while we're gone and get those off the TBR pile. 

What are y'all reading right now?

Much love,



Moma Sue said...

Ok I want to know how you got a big dose of week?? LOL

Julia said...

I'm starting the new Jayne Caste

Donna said...

I read Quid Pro Quo by Witt and Voinov this morning.It brought up all kinds of naked men visualizations and is quite hot!

I recently read Attitude on Wheels, and I think Sean Michael nailed that one.


Katherine Halle said...

Hmm reading, I've been contemplating reading Perk of a Wallflower and I just bought Sidecar by Amy Lane...haven't started either yet though.

YAY for bullriding season, I know how much you love that.

UGH about all the health stuff, I really hope your foot heals soon.