Friday, January 25, 2013

Starting to Come Back to Life



It's been a week since I started getting sick and I have a cough and this amazing, overwhelming exhaustion, but the fever is gone, the stuffiness is gone. I did a load of laundry this morning. ;-)

I think now, though, I'm going to go look at words. I tried to write yesterday and I had NOTHING, y'all. Just white noise. I couldn't even read. So I watched reality television (Project Runway) and goofed off. 

Maybe today will be more normal.


Much love, y'all.



Liz said...

*hugs* How's Julia? Glad y'all are getting rid of the crud from hell.

Katherine Halle said...

Hope both you and Julia continue to get better <3333

BA Tortuga said...

Julia was about a day behind me, but she's improving apace. :D