Thursday, February 7, 2013

Springtime and Texas

Oh, y'all. You should be here. It's 80 degrees, sunny. I'm planning to spend the weekend gardening and playing in the yard.

I want to make some succulent filled bird baths, need to turn over the herb beds and fertilize. New bird feeders, new wind chimes, clean the grill, replace the lightbulbs in the outside lights and redecorate the front porch.

God, most people I've met in my life love autumn best, but me? I'm like my pappy. Spring is my season.

I love the springtime. The birds, the sun, the flowers, the wind. Everything. It's like the world is coming to life and everything is waking back up (and yes, I know, I live in a place where winter goes from Christmas day to Valentine's day at the MOST, but that's a long time. That's 6-8 WHOLE WEEKS of cold.) Not only that, but hello! Rodeo season!

There's nowhere on earth as beautiful in the spring as where I live and it's here, it's time.

I'm so ready. :D

Much love, y'all.


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Katherine Halle said...

I LOVE springtime - it's a time for new beginnings and everything is just fresh and new :D