Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wayback Wednesday: No Bull


Okay, so hey, it's August, but I wanted a little Christmas, a little breath of holiday-to-come, so I'm featuring these boys. :D

It doesn't hurt that the story starts in Hawaii, does it?

Official blurb:

In the rough game of professional bullriding, younger is better, and Joss is starting to feel his age. When he's injured far from home, who can he count on but his best friend, Mackey, to ride to the rescue? When his injury threatens to end his career, Mackey is right there to show Joss he has other options. Mackey's been thinking of retirement, and has plans to make a new life himself. Will that life include Joss? Mackey sure hopes so, but for now he'll settle for having Joss with him, home for the holidays.


Man, it sucked hairy donkey balls to wake up in the hospital.

It wasn't the first time Joss had done it. Lord knew, you rode bulls enough, you were gonna get stomped and forget where you were. He remembered them asking him if he knew where he was, and he remembered saying, "On the floor..."

Now he was in one of those beds with the rails, and there was beepy shit, and his head was hurting fierce. Not as fierce as his arm and ribs and his shoulder. There was something really wrong with his riding arm. Something that had it all immobile and hanging in suspension and shit...

"Joss, man? You really awake this time or is it more stoned stupid?" A bright red head appeared in front of his face, just like magic. Damn. Mackie looked like hammered shit -- dark circles under his dark circles -- but that grin was familiar as all get out.

If he'd had a free arm, cause the one not all wrapped up was full of tubes, he woulda swung and seen what he could hit. As it was, he settled for a hard snort.

"Yeah, m'here. You look like warmed over poo."

"Yeah, well, you give us a scare, man. I had to come as soon as the round was over. Hell, I called your momma and all. She got all fluttery."

Oh, lord. Mackie calling Momma? Never good. Never.

"So I ain't dead. What all is wrong? And tell me you ain't got momma flying over?" They were somewhere. Australia? New Zealand? Hawaii? Someplace where it took hours to fly.

"You got pins in your shoulder, your elbow. You broke a metric fuckton of bones and cracked a couple ribs. Your head's okay, though..."

"Well, why couldn't I have hurt somethin' I don't use?" He gave Mackey a grin, because his best buddy was looking downright panicky.

"Oh, that'd've been too fucking easy." He got one of those wicked smiles. "You won the go-round."

"No shit?"

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