Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Guest Post: Sean Michael

Thanks, BA, for letting me blather about my Jarheads on your blog today.

So my dear Jarheads, the boys who gave me six big novels and countless novellas and short stories, are having their first novel -- Three Day Passes -- come out in hardback from Torquere Press as a part of their 10th anniversary celebrations!

Yes, hardback!

Three Day Passes was the Jarheads' first novel, released as an ebook ten years ago on September 15 (2003). Who knew when that happened that they'd wind up with so many words? Well, I maybe had an inkling as I already had the next novel written and most of the third as well... Ten years later, though, Rock, Rig and Dick are still going strong. They've got a story in this year's Charity Sip Blitz, which benefits Outserve. Flack Jacket Love will be available on September 18, with all royalties being donated to Outserve.

All I have to do is think of them and my trio come to the front of my brain and look hopeful for another chance to be together and screw each others' brains out in a new story. The Jarheads don't actually say "I love you" very often, but those boys know it deep in their souls that they always have pride of place in each others' hearts. There isn't anything -- anything -- that they wouldn't do for each other.

Writing them again is always like coming home.


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