Monday, October 7, 2013

Rambling on September

I have to be honest. September sucked. 

I didn't get to see my mom for her birthday. My father in law went into the hospital on the third, into hospice on the ninth, into 24/7 care on the 23rd and passed away in the small hours of the morning on the 26th. 

We spent the last week of September cleaning out his place.

I swear, it was the longest month ever and I feel like I'm totally out of touch with the real world. 

Today was the first 'normal' day I've had in 5 weeks. 


Weird, huh?

I'm really ready for a few days of normal in a row.

Much love, y'all.



Katherine Halle said...

Yeah, your September massively sucked :(((( *HUGS*

ElaineG said...

I hope both you and Julia are recovering from a massively awful month. H557UGS

ElaineG said...

I actually wrote **HUGS**