Monday, October 21, 2013

Shifters and Vampires and Psychics, Oh My!

You know, I love writing paranormals. I love the biting, the growling, the bending of the rules. 

I rarely think of shifters as being dangerous, really, or scary. Partially that's because I'm a dog person and I've never met a pup I was scared of. Met one that was aggressive enough to treat with extreme caution, sure. Scared, not yet.

I don't even have the sense to be scared of coyotes out in the desert.

Lizards? Yeah. Oh, yeah. O.o

I think, though, I need to write another vampire. I had SO much fun writing Long Black Cadillac that I might need to explore a little clan of biters in the bayou, hiding out...


Gotta run take notes, y'all.

Much love,


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Katherine Halle said...

OMG YES PLEASE - Long Black Cadillac was probably one of the first books of yours I EVER read! I loved that book.

And yes, I agree, paranormals are fun because you CAN bend the rules, I like that. It opens up so many possibilities. So YAY :D