Sunday, November 17, 2013

I have company coming!!!

My best friend is coming to play for 2 whole weeks — we’ve done Thanksgiving together for years and I can’t wait.

I’ll be basically out of pocket for 2 weeks, though. 

However, I will do the December free fiction advent calendar, so if you have requests, now’s the time to do them!


Much love, y'all



MouseGal said...

Ooh...a request! Would love to visit Sam and Gus from Just Like Cats and Dogs...or Caidon and Jaime from Boys in the long can this list be??!

Katherine Halle said...

OH YAY so happy for you! That's awesome that you have such a great tradition. HAVE FUN :D Enjoy SM :D

kaytee said...

Happy Thanksgiving - enjoy your visit. How about Sonny & MJ, or Galen and Shane, all of the Roughstock boys together or really old school, Ty and Abe? Or even better, one of each (I admit it, I am greedy). Actually I will be happy with whatever you come up with. Enjoy your visitor.