Thursday, December 19, 2013

ADVENT CALENDAR -- Day Nineteen -- Adam/Landon

"Adam." Chrissy looked…apoplectic.

"What did Landon do now? Is Granny okay?" His lover had convinced Granny to go to town and take pole dancing lessons. Their granny.

"Granny’s fine, but…"


"Well, the old barn? It’s filled with piglets. Piglets wearing costumes. Hats. Bows. Tags that say, 'To Adam from Cajun Claus'."

Adam stood there a second, teeth in his mouth. 




"I guess I need to make them a pen."

He headed for the barn before his brother could start screaming again, the chuckles just beating their way out of his chest.


Pigs with hats.

God, he loved that man.


Landon and Adam are the newest Roughstock boys in Fais Do Do


Katherine Halle said...

Awwww OMG so cute.

kaytee said...

I'm so happy Adam appreciated the pigs.