Sunday, December 1, 2013

ADVENT CALENDAR -- Day One -- Coke and Dillon

I have to tell y’all, I couldn’t make my living doing this without my readers and I give thanks for you every day. 

Here’s my gift for y’all. 31 days of holidays with my boys. 


Day One

for TA

Coke looked at the roof, at the way it tilted to the left. 

Huh. That couldn’t be good 

He sighed and looked over at Miss Georgia, lips twisting a little bit. "Well, ma’am. That storm did a number, she did."

"Is it fixable?"

"Oh, darlin’, everything’s fixable, especially near Christmastime. Let me crawl on up there and give her a look see." 

She nodded, cotton candy hair bobbing. "I’ll make you some cookies."

"That’d be a kindness." He headed to the barn to get a ladder, grabbing his phone as he did. "Hey, cowboy. I got to be here a bit."

"Don’t get on the roof." Dillon’s voice was clipped as fuck.

"What?" He blushed hot, his cheeks just burning. 

"I know you. You’re going for the fucking roof. I’ve already called Allan. He’s heading there now to work on the roof."

"But…" That was a touch eerie.

"I mean it, Coke. No roof. I hear from Allan that you’re on the ladder and there will be no blow jobs, no hand jobs. Nothing. No. Booty."

Oh. Ow.

"That’s cheating."

"You know it. Go have cookies and coffee and then come home. I need help putting up lights."

Coke had to grin — he had to. It was a good thing, to love and be loved beyond all things, even if it irritated the living fuck out of him. "I’ll be home in an hour or so, then."

"Good. Remember, I can see her roof from the porch."

Coke was laughing hard as he hung up the phone. Lord have mercy on old cowboys and clowns.


Coke and Dillon have their beginning in Roughstock: Season One — And a Smile


kaytee said...

What a great start! I can't wait for the next 30 days. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you enjoyed your visit with Sean.

Julia said...

my boys :D

Katherine Halle said...

OH I loved this!!! This made me smile SO MUCH :D

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