Sunday, December 22, 2013

ADVENT CALENDAR -- Day Twenty Two -- Rene/Bartholome

"What if they all hate me?" Rene’s pale eyes moved over the others, a deep sorrow radiating from them. The holiday gathering was important and all the clans were there, dozens of them, greeting and laughing and celebrating together.

"They wouldn’t dare, phantome. You’re mine and I won’t have it." He grinned down. "Besides, why wouldn’t they care for you? You’re…" Amazing. Beautiful. Charming. Lovely. Perfect. "…you."

Not only that, but Bartholome would eat anyone alive who dared upset his pup.

"Me, hmm?" Rene’s hand slid into his, fingers twining and holding on. 

He nodded. Absolutely. 


Bartholome and Rene live in Absinthe (cowritten with Julia Talbot)