Thursday, January 2, 2014

My New Year Goals

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Let’s see...

Write 1,000,000 words again.

Spend two days a week in the studio.

Save enough for ten days in Tuscany in 2015.

Get married to my girl. 

Read 104 books.

Learn to make gnocchi.

I think that’s it. ;-)

How about y’all?


Much love,



Anonymous said...

Great goals :) Gnocchi can taste really great! My goals are to find great books in 2014, to make my little business a succes, to learn how to make great pasta...and to draw more :)

Katherine Halle said...

Oh those are great goals, I especially love the "marry my girl" and "Ten Days in Tuscany" :D

I want to write more in 2014 - that's my big goal. Well, that and get more published LOL