Saturday, January 25, 2014

What I'm Doing This Week

Back home and settled.


Active Writing:

Better as a Memory (m/m, cont) — hit 40K, 20K to go.

Mick's Pups (m/m/m werewolves) — I’m still trying to bang this one out

Robber’s Roost (m/m/f paranormal with Julia) — YAY!

Coke/Dillon & Andy/Jason novel — O.o

On hold/in outline:


As of yet just in outline hell suspense which may or may not have a romance, but the main character’s name is Kathy

In edits/rewrites:

Stripper kitties in rewrites. 

Ace/Kitty in rewrites.


Next week's plan?

I have no idea. I want to write m/f werewolves...



Much love, y'all.

1 comment:

Katherine Halle said...

oooh as always sounds great. And ooh m/f werewolves??? WOO HOOOOOO