Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Authors I Love: Sean Michael


Okay, yes. I know, lots of people love SM, but me? I knew Sean when. 

I’m the lucky bitch that gets to be the best friend, in real life. This year we’re going on 14 years, believe it or not. We’ve traveled together, cried together, been through some brutal shit and I can’t express how much Sean means to me.

As far as the books go, I probably love Bent the most, although I will always have an eternal adoration for Forged. And for the deep cut, I’d take Second Sight. :D Blind guy, you know.

I love how Sean loves writing, loves the characters, loves the way they use sex to talk to one another. I love how Sean was doing this before the rest and just keeps on writing the stories that make me want to read them, over and over. I love how Sean loves readers, cares about them and what they say.

More than anything, though, I love that I can message and say, "I need you", and the answer is always, "I’m calling now."

Sean’s huge fucking backlist can be found at http://www.seanmichaelwrites.com

Love you, babe.



Katherine Halle said...

aWWWWWWW what a lovely post! And YES I LOVE SEAN TOO :D

Sean Michael said...

Big kisses to you -- you made my day!

Donna said...

Sean was my first. My first m/m BDSM author. :)

While many of his books have the traditional angst component, he opened my eyes to the idea that books don't always need huge angst issues. Great passion, great characters and great honesty about relationships and life can fit the bill quite well. When life overwhelms me, I reach for one of Sean's book!

I could go on and on, but I think you get the drift here.