Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jade Lee and I have met in a shitload of elevators, believe it or not.

I mean, seriously, all over the country, if I’m at a con in an elevator, there’s at LEAST a fifty percent chance you’ll find Jade Lee.

I have two claims to fame when it comes to Jade. First? I did NOT fangirl all over her at first meeting along I have read all her books and I adore her. I was polite, friendly and I didn’t even burst into tears. Not once.

That’s right. I’m a stud.



Julia and I were asked to come speak about m/m fiction many years ago (when everyone pretended that m/m fiction didn’t exist and couldn’t you psychos PLEASE not attend cons or at least lie about what you do). If you’ve ever heard me speak publicly, you know I’m loud.

And big.

And I wave my arms a lot.

And I sort of… explode in pure Texan I might be scared but you’ll never know it-ness.

Well, sure. I was faced with a room full of, "OMG, you write what?", so I was bad. Worse than ever. So fucking intimidated I was going to shit myself and? JADE LEE WAS THERE.


I gathered up my big girl panties. I talked and hooted and rednecked and genuinely made myself unignorable (is that a word?).

Then, as I get up to leave, Ms. Lee looked at my Julia and says, "She has great boobs."

So, second claim to fame? Jade Lee admired my boobs.


So, go read. White Tigress was the first one I read, so it’s in my heart book library.

Much love, y’all,


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Katherine Halle said...

OOoh I follow her on Twitter! But I've never read any of her books. I know where to start now. Thanks!

and LOL really great stories you shared :D