Monday, August 25, 2014

*leans and grins*

So, I’m sure y’all have heard that I’m trying to buy a house, and OMG THE STRESS. There’s roof stuff and termite stuff and closing stuff and...



Also, stress and scariness and I just want to be excited and I can’t be.

Still, we’ve decided we’re staying here. We’re joining a church, we’re joining the NM Women’s Chorus. We have a chiropractor and a diner and Miss Val at the Smith’s who calls us "my ladies". We have the dog park and Miss H who has broken her back twice and does yoga while we chat. We have wine dates with A. We have roadrunners and coyotes and jackrabbits and falcons and bunnies on the escarpment and the Man with the Hat, who says good morning every day now (it only took him 8 months to decide we weren’t going to give up on him). 

We have the mountains — which, oh, y’all. I can’t tell you how happy they make me. Every morning I wake up and look outside my front door and there they are. The new house? Has a sun room (which will become the writing room and the art studio) that looks out onto the mountains from the back yard. :D 

We have roses that bloom for months and days in August that are only 80 degrees for the high and the O-o-O accent. 

Oh, and I haven’t told y’all about Levi the contractor-biker yet and his California surfer boy. Oh. Too fun!

Every so often I miss Texas so bad I can’t bear it. I miss the voices and the food and, God, I miss my daddy like a lost limb and my tattoo artist and chiccarones. 

WTH. They don’t have those here. O.o

It passes though, and I know that my wife (STILL MAKES ME GIDDY TO SAY THAT) is home here and I love it here and we’ve made our home here, so it’s all good.

Really good.

Much love, y’all.


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