Friday, October 3, 2014

So, Painting.

We’re painting the new house. Our new house.

Our first very own house we chose together house.

It’s harder than advertised. J doesn’t do ladders and, with her poor baby foot, if she’s on the floor, it’s hard to just stand up. My hands are exhausted. I’m filthy. 


The office is a lovely shade of cream with one bright purple wall.

The fireplace is going to be red.

Kitchen and bathroom? Turquoise.

Master — chocolate brown, pink and blue.

Sun room — gray (and y’all, that thing is YELLOW right now).

I think I need to go buy a couple of buckets and some more brushes...

1 comment:

Katherine Halle said...

*claps* that's awesome! CONGRATS!!! And also, those paint colors sound gorgeous!

I hope you post some pics when you are all settled.