Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recommend me some music?

I'm an iTunes whore.


In that I have a 3 terrabyte drive just for that.

I love Red Dirt music, 80s, grunge, baroque, show tunes, and singer-songwriters. I have everything George Strait, Tim McGraw, Jason Boland, Trent Willmon, Rob Thomas, Counting Crows, and Roger Creager have ever done.

Today I opened up the iTunes store and NOTHING said "Buy Me!"

So, rec something to me. :D


Jason said...

Have you listened to Mumford and Sons? Try 'Little Lion Man'. They are alternative but have a blue grass quality, I think.

ElaineG said...

I have weird tastes and most of the stuff I listen to comes from the 80's:
The Cramps-Punk/Rockabilly
Reverend Horton Heat-Psychobilly
Salty Dog-Rock/Hard Rock sorta
The Four Horsemen- Rock

A few from the last decade, but some of the band members worked for me when they were teenagers and are friends of myself and my husband(gawd do I feel old lol!):

AFI, Tiger Army, Love Equals Death, Chon Travis...these guys are all way talented, a bit angst y, but great music.