Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GRL Wrapup and contest


Wrap ups are hard.

Let's see.

My con heroes: Cat Grant for helping on the shuttle. Damon Suede, for not making me feel like I was going to squash him if I fell on him. Amy Lane, for answering an emergency text and last minute water. Kiernan Kelly and her publicist for, shit, EVERYTHING. Kristi, for handling things like a pro and letting me retire from the publishing business. Teresa and Ethan for calm. Carol for being the best smoking buddy in history. The Hard Rock hotel for all the dear care. Andrew Grey for just being someone that makes me believe. 

It was so wonderful to sit and visit and I miss people already.

Please, let next year be not in a wheelchair. I'm *way* more fun mobile.

Oh! Oh! I have a little pack of goodies for someone that didn't get to attend -- a stress bull, a bag, little ends and odds. If you'd like, leave a comment and I'll pick a winner Monday. :D

Much love, y'all. :D



Katherine Halle said...

Wow, it sounds like you had such a great time! Despite being in a wheelchair. Here's hoping that next year you're much more mobile :D

And I think this was a lovely wrap up :D

Liz Brooks said...

Ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me! I wish SO HARD I could've gone! I am *totally* going to make it happen next year.

June M. said...

It does sound like everyone who went had a great time. I have never been to a conference but would love to go. Thanks so much for the chance to win some goodies from the conference :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a ball was had by one and all (bad foot notwithstanding). :) Wish I could have joined y'all - it was so hard knowing that there was a party going on just a few hours south! Aww those little stress bulls are so adorable. I'd love to win one!

FanGirlMom said...

I've loved hearing all the stuff that I missed! :) You will DEFINITELY be mobile next year *sends positive thoughts*