Thursday, December 13, 2012

Frosty Fiction, Day 13: Danny and Quinn

God, the cold made him hurt.

Danny crept up the stairs of the house, the couple of bags from his stop at the City Market on the way home from cleaning out his little office and telling Professor Wells happy holidays weighing a million pounds in his arms.

Please don’t let me fall. Please don’t let me fall. Please don’t let me fall.

The door opened before he could reach for the knob, Quinn right there, frowning. “Oh, God, why didn’t you call, babe? I would have come and helped.” Those big, warm hands closed on his arms, helping him over the stoop before the dog could charge him.

“Thank you.” He felt like an idiot, sore and stiff and ancient. “Cold. Good day?”

“Not bad. Couple of people being crappy to each other, but you know how that is.” Quinn dropped a kiss on his cold lips, warming them.

“I do. Semester’s officially over. Office is locked.” That meant long days in their old house, pottering around and drinking coffee.

“Yeah? Means I can melt you with a massage.”

“Oh, God. Please. Yes.” He’d sell his left nut for one.

“I thought so. Hop in the shower while I put the groceries away? Then we can start Christmas break.”

“You got it.” He kissed Quinn’s cheek. “It’s good to be home.”

“Good.” Quinn squeezed his ass. “Because I have plans for Christmas.”

Oh, yay.

He thought he felt better already.



Danny and Quinn are from Old Town New, which is one of my favorites from way back.

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Jaymi said...

I LOVE these guys!

kaytee said...

Favorites of mine from way back when. I just finished re-reading their story in anticipation of their short. Thanks so much!!

Katherine Halle said...

Massages...I could use a massage :D

Anonymous said...

Ok now I know what I'm reading next - it's been too long since I've visited these boys. :) Thanks for the inspiration!