Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 Weird BA Factoids

1. I'm left-handed. As in whoa freaky living in a right-handed world is hard left-handed.

2. I can fold my tongue 4 different ways.

3. Sean Michael is my best friend. Julia Talbot is my life partner. We really are three different people.

4. I do yoga a lot. I sort of need it.

5. My favorite food is popcorn.

6. My favorite author is Stephen King, with Dean Koontz a close second.

7. I am getting my Master Instructor Qualification in Crochet.

8. I love to swim; I hate to get wet.

9. My favorite color is pink. I refuse to be ashamed for it.

10. I eat kale, apples, and berries pretty much every day. Not at the same time.

1 comment:

Ladycelt said...

LOL @#3 -- not sure I believe it, still! Are you sure you don't write 50 books a year single-handedly?