Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Boys Touch

There's been a little confusion going around and I figured I'd just be upfront.

I write gay romance. I write lesbian romance. I write het romance. I write threesomes -- lately I'm writing a *lot* of threesomes because they're what wants written.

I don't write m/f/m.

Now, am I saying I don't like it? Nope. I read it. A couple of my favorite authors write it and I enjoy it thoroughly.

Do I typically buy that 3 (or 4 or 5 or 6) people can all be in bed having sex and none of the same sex people in the bed are attracted to each other? Not usually, no, but that's me (and I can tell you, the only time it throws me out of a story as a reader is when there are 3 or more men and 1 woman and they have to take turns sleeping with her in twos because they might touch each other. That always makes me sad).

That's not even what it's about for me when I'm writing.

When I'm writing, I have be honest to *my* muse. To my characters. I love m/m. Love it. Love it enough that I started Torquere Press damn near 9 years ago to publish it because no one else would. In my mind's eye, characters fall in love and I have zero control over the sex(es) of the folk(s) they fall in love with. My boys fall in love -- with the girl, absolutely, but also with each other. Three people who are in love together and, damn it, they're going to be in love together at the end, too.

I'm a sap. I want my HEA -- reading or writing. And, yeah, if there's a menage threesome (or moresome, although I haven't done that yet and the pronoun confusion there sort of makes me dizzy), my boys will touch.

Reader beware. ;-)

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Ladycelt said...

BA - I've seen more than one comment from you on this topic...surely no one is complaining about this fact...right?? I mean, as a reader, you can choose to read (or not read) whatever you want - no one is forcing them to read a book they don't enjoy!
And for the record, I think I have pretty much everything you've written - in the genre I prefer! Sounds like people need to get a life!