Thursday, October 4, 2012

Excerpt from Fighting Addiction (not exactly safe for work)

"You still want that ballad?"

"Yep. Girls love those, and they sell."

"We might have to watch some chick flicks." Markus strummed a little ching-a-ling. "I haven't had much romance."

"That's a fucking shame." He blinked, ducked his chin. "Sorry, man. Uh... Love gone wrong? New love? Booty call?"

"Booty call is very in." He couldn't look at Candy at all, not with the way the man's voice had gone gravelly.

"Yeah. Yeah. Old lovers needing to get it on?" Seb knew his cheeks were burning. He could so get it on with that long, muscled hardbody.

"That works. I think people can relate."

When he did finally glance up, those dark eyes were pointed down toward the guitar and Candy's face was bright red.

"Yeah. Yeah." He chuckled softly. "We got something to build on, for the song, I mean."

"We do." Now he got a sideways glance. "I mean, we ought to know, as old as we are."

"Positively ancient, you and me." Asshole.

"Yep. You're a year older."

Oh, that deserved something. Ice water to the chest maybe. Sebastian took a drink of his water, then went for it, squirting the hairy bastard smack between the nipples.

"Fuck! You little shit." In a flash, Markus had gently tossed the guitar aside and was hunting his ass.

He backed up, brandishing the water bottle, this time getting Candy in the crotch.


He could almost see things shrivel. Taking time to gloat was a mistake, though. He ended up in the pool, Candy pulling a wrestling move on him. Like TV wrestling.

He floated up to the surface, treading water, sputtering and laughing. "Caveman!"

Markus yodeled. "You know it."

He flattened his hand and sent a huge wave from the pool, right at the big gorilla. The big gorilla who was now soaked.

"Yeehaw." Markus did a cannonball, sending water right into his face.

He dove deep, pinching Markus' ass as he moved underneath, swimming hard. The man was a fine swimmer, pacing him pretty good considering the head start he had. They reached the side of the pool at the same time, bodies slamming together.

His abs rolled, his hips bucking in a dance move older than music. For a long moment Markus rocked back against him, and that hard cock made itself known. Then Candy pulled away, pushing up out of the pool.

Sebastian took a couple of laps, cursing himself for all sorts of a fool. They weren't starting this shit again. Not at all. They couldn't afford to. Oh, he could pay people off with even more money than before, but it had damned near killed him to lose Candy the first time. He wasn't as strong as he used to be. Sometimes he thought that it would only take one more earthquake for his internal framework to come crashing down. God was a shitty contractor, taking the lowest bidder.

That would make a decent lyric, really.

He pulled himself up out of the pool, drying his sunglasses off before putting them back on.

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