Wednesday, October 17, 2012

GRL Wednesday :D

So this morning before I went downstairs to socialize (and socialize I did --I got hugs and had lunch and coffee and gossiped and just had a BALL), I got my badge out, so folks knew who I was.

I ended up taking the Torquere Press badge off. 

I know.

Weird, huh?

Julia and I started Torquere Press 9 years ago and, about six months ago I started making the wonderful transition from author/publisher to full-time author. I step down from my duties at Torquere Press January 1, 2013, but I've been 1/2 time since September 1. 

I love Torquere's new general manager (I should, she's my sister and the one with the marketing and business degree. She's perfect for the job), but there was a little sadness, because, you know, Torquere is our baby. Still, it's amazing to look at things from a solely author pov and to just wallow in the retreat part of GRL.

And my badge is lighter.


Much love, y'all.


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Katherine Halle said...

OH wow!!! I'm sorry to see you go, but CONGRATS on moving to full time author :D What a fantastic move for you! Enjoy yourself there :D